Supporting Documents
Please find below a list of supporting documents and relevant links.

  • In order to maximise the benefit from the findings, research projects selected for funding are expected to commence within six months of notification of funding. A PRP standard contract will be issued by the Department of Health between the Secretary of State for Health and the host institution (main base of the research). Capability to start promptly will be viewed as an advantage and in some cases may be a requirement of the research specification
  • The guidance document on completing a PRP application form includes advice on how to navigate the PRP CCF research management system and upload documents. It is essential that this is read carefully.
  • Research proposals are considered confidential by the CCF and all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that this confidentiality is not breached. Further information and guidance can be found in the confidentiality and disclosure guidance document hosted on the CCF website.
Relevant links
All applications need to be submitted on an electronic application form, available through the PRP CCF research management system. This is a secure website which requires a username and password to enter. Applications received by any other means (email, post, etc.) will not be accepted.

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