PRP CCF Research Management System

NOTE: The Policy Research Programme has been incorporated into the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Any new information about the Programme or new calls will be advertised on the NIHR website.

Please note that the outline (for two-stage commissioning) and full application forms required to apply for PRP research calls are available on the PRP CCF research management system (RMS). The PRP CCF RMS is a secure website which requires a username and password to enter.  It provides a secure environment where you can:

  • complete and submit an outline application form (for two-stage calls)
  • complete and submit a full application form (for one-stage and two-stage calls)
  • manage your research project (if successful)
  • manage your profile.

The RMS is also used to provide independent peer reviewers with access to full applications, to enable them to provide comments.

To create an account or log-in to the RMS, please follow this link.

Supporting documentation